The sky is the LIMIT

We have invested in LIGHTWEIGHT CONCRETE machines that have the ability to reach even the highest points!

Lightweight concrete

Light concrete is cellular cement mortar, where infinite air bubbles that are trapped inside its mass, act as a “thermo” and do not allow the transfer of sound and temperature, since the sound is dampened and the heat flow inside the bubbles is reduced. It is applied in houses, apartment buildings, hotels, factories, sports centers and in any kind of construction from floor to floor, so that the sound is not transferred as well as on the ceilings, for protection from weather conditions. It has a long shelf life. Its mechanical strengths allow any final coverage.

The light weight cellural concrete creates soundproofing and insulation.
It can reduce the load on the construction and it is unaffected by fire and humidity.
With the correct placement of lightweight concrete we achieve:

Excellent thermal and sound insulation

Energy saving for heating and air conditioning

Fire resistance


Versatile system


Unparalleled quality-price ratio

Resistance to compression

Unlimited lifetime

Projects that lightweight concrete was used
Styrofoam concrete

Mixture of recycled Expanded Polystyrene granules with granulometric gradation (3-8mm) mixed with a special additive that allows perfect mixing with water, cement and sand if required. It eliminates the floating effect of the grains and ensures their homogeneous distribution in the mixture.

EPS granules are non-toxic. They do not contain CFC & HCFC and nutrients capable of favoring the growth of fungi and bacteria. This material was created to cover floor and roof surfaces before laying tiles, tarps and other types of insulation.

It has the ability to cover all cavities and irregularities that have been created during the construction of the building.


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