Neochrom roof insulation systems are applied to new and old homes, offering maximum insulation and optimal sealing of your roof.

They protect the ceilings from the physical, biological, structural and thermal stress to which they are exposed, but also from the crushing that leads to their deformation. They also help them to drain rainwater with particular ease and reliability.

Their installation strengthens the sealing system and the structure of the building which are affected by the exchange of heat and cold on the surface of the roof, as well as by the difference in temperature inside and outside, factors that cause harmful deformations in the building’s structural materials.

Neochrom offers the right systems and products for your needs, always at the most reasonable prices.

Our experienced consultants visit your premises free of charge, assess the damage and guide you in choosing the ideal solution for the greatest possible protection against weather conditions and heat loss.

The 1st system provides excellent thermal and sound insulation. Each material in this system has its own role and the materials work perfectly together as a system. Neowater Stop is a strong two-component insulation that protects the roof to the maximum from all kinds of stresses. Then the expanded polystyrene is placed, which in this system is the heat insulating material.

This second system provides excellent sealing and partial thermal insulation. Neowater Stop is a strong two-component insulation that protects the roof from moisture and solar radiation. Aerated concrete is used to give calls to the roof and to provide additional sound insulation and thermal insulation to the roof. The foam concrete is applied to protect the bituminous membrane which is applied in two layers and offers good waterproofing.


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