Half a century of experience and evolution.

The company was founded in 1972 under the name A&K Decorative Coatings. The small family business, which was created for livelihood reasons, dealt with the creation and installation of decorative coatings.

The company gained a leading edge because its raw material, calcium carbonate, was purchased from quarries in Cyprus and ground in proprietary mills. This made it competitive, since the other companies in the industry bought their raw material from Neochrom. In 2004, with the accession of Cyprus to the European Union, the company became fully automated, expanded its product range, was certified with all the necessary standards, established a group of companies and developed export activity.

The great success of the pioneer of this group lies in the fact that its founder, Alekos Konstantinou, was always with his crews inside the building, seeing its needs in practice and developing his own materials with quality features that arose from them the needs. Some are even exclusive company patents and cannot be found anywhere else. In addition, Neochrom is the only company in the sector in Cyprus that manufactures and installs, maintaining numerous workshops with highly qualified craftsmen, ready to respond to even the most demanding applications.

SINCE 1972

NEOCHROM from the beginning until today.